Clash Royale Strategies

Clash Royale is a fast paced strategy game, so making a strategy plan before the actual battle begins is absolute imperative. Let’s cover some basic tactics that can help you in early on stages of playing Clash Royale online.

TV Royale

TV Royale is a tool that shows videos of top players battling each other. So staying on top of trending strategies at TV Royale is a good way to start researching the best way to obliterate your opponent’s towers. You can plan which cards to upgrade with free gems you get in the game. When having a weak starting hand, meaning that you have troops that are not so good at the offense like some other (Giants, Golems, Knight) don’t charge straight away into enemy territory. Keep them on your side of the map, playing defense, holding off enemy troops and keeping away from your towers. This way you can see if your opponent is targeting one of your towers. After you successfully rejected enemy’s attack, immediately mount a counter attack.


Next tip is to be efficient with elixir. Every unit has a certain amount of elixir, knowing this it is only logical to create your card deck from moderate to significant elixir cost. By doing this, you can start learning what low-cost units like skeleton can do. For example, when being attacked by tank type unit (Giant, Golem) make a diversion by placing low-cost skeleton right after they pass the bridge changing his route. After he dispatches this threat, immediately place a ranged unit (Archers, Musketeer) further away, changing his route completely. This way the enemy is distracted and your towers stay mainly intact.

Battle Deck

Another good way to win is to make a balanced deck and play a while with it. Don’t change the cards of a deck every single time you lose a battle, this way you can learn how individual units work together. After you play around a little bit with a new card get familiar with one deck and then try to add one or two cards, that way you can see which cards work well together. The king tower is in sleep mode at the start of the battle; this means he will not attack with his cannon. The king’s tower HP is over 60% greater than one arena tower. So it’s usually much safer to win by destroying one or two arena towers and playing good defense.

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