Clash Royale Resources

Resources and resource management are imperative in Clash Royale so let's talk about the three resources in the game, and what are they used for.


Gold is the essential resource in Clash Royale, it can be found in every chest acquired after a won battle. The amount of gold that you receive depends on the type of chest. In the beginning there are tree training levels of the game, after each of these you will get a chest.  For this chest to open you will have to wait 15 seconds. As you progress and finish more challenging levels you can find Silver 3 hour chest, a Golden 8 hour chest, Giant and Magical 12 hours chest and the most rewarding one is the Super Magical 24 hours chest. Gold coins can be used for buying cards from the shop, upgrading cards to higher level, or create your own clan. Price of cards depends on their rarity. Standard cards will cost you 3 gold, rare ones 40 gold and epic cards come in 2000 gold price. Also every card upgrade will cost you a certain amount of gold depending on card level. When it comes to creating your own clan and inviting your friends to join the cost is 1000 gold. 


Gems are another currency, a premium one. Every new player who downloads the game begins with 100 Gems. As you advance in battle and unlock achievements, you can earn even more gems, opening chests (free and Crown Chests) also gives you a chance to make a certain amount, and finally you can buy gems with real money. Price range goes from 80 gems/$ to 140gems/$ depending on the amount you want to buy. You can also get gems for free through certain promo events and third party websites. Gems are also used for speeding up the process of opening chests. For example, you can buy a Golden chest in shop for 80-120 gems, but unlocking the same one if you already have it will cost you only 48 gems.


Elixir is a unit related resource. It generates gradually during the battle at a rate of 1 Elixir per 2.8 seconds. You can obtain more Elixir from the Elixir Collector. It will cost you 5 Elixir to produce, and you will gain 7. The way to gain the upper hand regarding Elixir is to defend with lower cost cards than the opponent’s attacking card. The typical example would be Skeleton Armies defending Giants where you gain 1 Elixir profit. Also, it is critical not to let you Elixir level stay at 10, but to use it more often, or else you will lose one elixir every 2.8 seconds.

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