Clash Royale Tournament Update The Beginning of an eSport


A popular strategic mobile game which is developed and produced by Supercell named Clash Royale, has launched a new update in July and with that update we got introduced to the Tournament option.

The goal of this game is to form a deck of cards, with which the player can battle online in the arena against other players. Defeating them either by destroying their base or by doing more damage to the enemy base before the time runs out.

As stated earlier the new update implemented the option to do battle in the tournament, allowing players to compete for Gold and Cards, against each other, in a short-term competition. You need gems to create a tournament, 500 to be specific, and you need to grind XP to reach level 8 before you can participate or create a tournament. If you find yourself short on gems you should try getting free gems from legit websites.


The bigger the size of the tournament, the higher the Gem cost, but also, the more players join the tournament, the larger the rewards themselves. Rewards come in the form of chests where the largest prize a player can get is a chest with 15,000 cards.

The length of the tournament can be from 1 hour to 3 days, and the preparation time can take from 15 minutes to 2 hours long.

As the host you can choose three ways to create a tournament:

  • Open Where any player can take part in the tournament
  • Closed Where no one can join the tournament
  •  Password Protected Where a password must be entered before players can join, making the tournament private

Those that have entered the tournament can join battles at any time with each other, as long as they chose to, by pressing the battle button in the tournament interface. Same mechanics apply in the tournament as in regular battles, like getting gold if you win a battle. With the exception that there are limitations on the Crown Towers and the levels of the cards.

clash royale tournament tree

If you are not in battle, and you want to spectate the tournament battles, you can do so by clicking on the red button with an eye. You dont have to be in the tournament to have this option. Also, important to mention is that you wont lose your real trophies if you lose battles in the tournament.

Instead, you will lose tournament trophies, which reset for every tournament you join and they determine your rank in the tournament. Additionally, if the tournament has no matches, the creator will be refunded for the Gems he paid to start the tournament.

The tournaments have rules, just like in friendly battles.

Meaning, if the Kings level and cards levels are higher than the tournament threshold will have his levels lowered to the specified limit but if the Kings level or card levels are lower than they will be unchanged.

Let’s list the Kings and cards caps here:

  • The Kings Level is capped at level 9. Which means that each players King and Arena Towers cant be higher than level 9.
  • The maximum cap for Common Cards is at level 9.
  • The maximum cap for Rare Cards is at level 7.
  • The maximum cap for Epic Cards is at level 4.
  • The maximum cap for Legendary Cards is at level 1.

Furthermore, when the tournament ends the top 3 participants will get chests with a fixed number of cards, which depend on the size of the tournament that was created by the host.

The players final rank in the tournament determines the number of cards in the reward chests, but also available are chests that give gold, about 5-7 times the number of cards that should be in the chest.

tournament chest clash royale

There is a lot of controversy about the tournament rewards, as many players say the resources these tournaments reward dont provide the same worth as when you buy the chests directly (although we might have a possibility to get those resources for free).

But we think its a refreshing addition to the Clash Royale game, and we hope that this sets a precedent for the beginning of an eSport event, where players from all around the world can participate in tournaments and battle it out for grand prizes.

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