Clash Royale Cards

The most important thing in strategy based games like Clash Royale is knowing the advantages of every unit or card but also their flaws. So let’s talk about these cards! When playing the Clash Royale online, there are only three ways of obtaining these cards. You can either purchase them (by spendings free gems or the gems you bought), win or collect them. Deploying them costs Elixir, that is gradually obtained during battle.

There are 48 Clash Royale Cards in total. We are expecting new cards with an upcoming update. Getting the same cards will fill your upgrade meter, once the meter is full you can upgrade that card’s unit with gold. The card will boost all damage and health stats by 10%. Cards are units, equipment, structures and troops that you need to use to crush your opponent’s towers.

Clash Royale cards are divided in three basic groups

Troop Cards

The troop cards have units like Princes, Ice Wizard, Royal Giant, Baby Dragon and many other cards. This type of cards has a total of 28 mostly ground units each of which is unique by their speed of attack, the range that they cover (if they are a ranged unit), speed or the cost of the elixir that is required to place them in battle.

Spell Cards

Spell Cards section consider things like Mirror, Fireball, Zap, Goblin Barrel, Rage, Freeze and similar. This class consists of 10 cards that can usually be used as support in a form of arrow barrage or a flaming meteor rushing toward its target. You can also use them for enhancing your units making them faster, by increasing their movement speed or boosting the rate of fire making them extremely efficient.

Building Cards

Building Cards as the name suggests are mostly stationary units like Mortar, Tesla, Inferno Tower, Goblin Hut. There is 10 of them, and their purpose is to make the enemy troops suffer by bombing them, zapping with Tesla or inferno tower or spawning small skeletons unit to divert or attack the enemy.

One more thing that needs to be mentioned here is that cards are also categorized into four groups by their rarity: 

Common ( presented by pale blue or gray color)
Amount of levels: 12

Rare ( orange is their color)
Number of levels: 10

Epic ( signified by purple)
Amount of levels: 8

Legendary (they come in rainbow color)
Number of levels: 6

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