Arenas and Crown Towers

Arenas are unique combat zones in Clash Royale where you and your opponents fight for trophies and glory. They get unlocked as your Trophy count rises. There are currently seven different Arenas: Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, Spell Valley, Royal Arena and Legendary Arena. Also, there’s a Training Camp. It’s not an Arena, but more precisely a practicing ground where you can test new decks and improve your skills.

Earning trophies will push you through Arenas. Each Arena will reveal a suite of new cards. You get cards when open Chests. Keep in mind that every Chest can contain Cards from Arenas that you have already accomplished. Higher Arena level gives you more Cards through chests. Also, it is possible to be challenged from a higher Arena and get the Arena’s chest without being in that Arena.

Every battle in an Arena has its cost. The Goblin Stadium requires one Gold; two Gold goes for the Bone Pit, three for the Barbarian Bowl, four for P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, five Gold for Spell Valley and six Gold for Royal Arena. The Legendary Arena has no battle costs. So you must keep an eye on your resources management. Arenas are usually based on the cards they unlock. Goblin Stadium unlocks four cards based on the Goblins (also unlocks Shop and TV Royale), Bone Pit unlocks five cards based on Skeletons, Barbarian Bowl unlocks two cards based on Barbarians, P.E.K.K.A.’s Playhouse unlocks the P.E.K.K.A, and Spell Valley opens two cards based on Wizards.

Legendary Arena

It is important to mention the Legendary Arena, the last Arena in the game. To get this Arena unlocked you need 3000 Trophies. The Legendary Arena introduces Legend Trophies which can be gained at the end of every Legendary Arena Season (each season lasts fourteen days). Earned Trophies are added to the player’s Legend Trophy count, but they are not part of the ranking in the Leaderboard. Basically, after a Legendary Arena Season, the player’s trophy count resets to 3000.


Every battlefield has six towers. Each player has three towers collectively called Crown Towers. There’s a pair of Arena Towers on their respective sides of the map and a single King’s Tower. The level of Crown Towers is equivalent with player’s King Level, and all three can attack both air and ground troops. The Crown Towers receive 60% reduced damage from spells and can be attacked directly by Giants, Ballons, Hog Riders, and Golems.

The King’s Tower is most important Tower in combat, if it gets destroyed, you lose immediately. Leveling up makes your Tower hitpoints and damage increase by approximately 7% per level. You will not be able to attack the King’s Tower until it is damaged, or until the Arena Tower is destroyed. Each player has a pair of Arena Towers on the left and right side of the King’s Tower. Destroying opponent’s Arena Tower awards you a Crown and gives you a part of the territory. Leveling up makes your Arena Towers hitpoints and damage increase by approximately 8% per level.

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